Industrial Ultrasonics’ main focus is the design and manufacture of high quality ultrasonic welding horns and fixtures for use on all brands of ultrasonic welders including: Branson, Dukane, Herrmann, Mecasonic, Rinco, Sonics & Materials, Sonobond, and Stapla.

Along with our ultrasonic horns and fixtures, Industrial Ultrasonics sells refurbished welders, rebuilt converters, boosters, and ultrasonic welding accessories. We also repair and refurbish existing ultrasonic horns.

In addition to our ultrasonic equipment, Industrial Ultrasonics designs and manufactures tooling for Spin Welding and Laser Welding applications.


  • Design and Manufacture of Ultrasonic Welding Horns & Fixtures
  • Design and Manufacture of Spin Welding Tools & Fixtures
  • Design and Manufacture of Laser Welding Fixtures
  • Repair/Refurbish Ultrasonic Horns (re-face, re-tune, replace stud)
  • Used Ultrasonic Welders (buy & sell)
  • Rebuilt Ultrasonic Converters/Transducers
  • Ultrasonic Accessories (studs, mylar washers, replaceable tips)
  • General Machining (CNC mill, CNC lathe)

Industries Served:

  • Aerospace
  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Business Appliances
  • Business Electronics
  • Business Products
  • Computers
  • Consumer Appliances
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Consumer Products
  • Films
  • Food Processing
  • Government / Defense
  • Industrial
  • Lawn and Garden
  • Medical
  • Non-woven Fabrics
  • Packaging
  • Recreational Products
  • Sporting Goods

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